Dinner At Banana Tree

Yummy dinner in Soho.

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I have been to Banana Tree before in the more quieter Bayswater branch, but this time stopped over at the Soho restaurant. Yes its more hectic, so had to wait a bit to get a table. But ones we were seated got served quick enough. Great menu thats always changing as i seem to find new dishes every time i go there.  For mains we chosen Phad Thai and Roast Duck, noodles always delicious and the duck was nice and crispy served with Hoisin sauce. For deserts we had the unusual black rice pudding and ice cream. I have to say the coconut ice cream is so so good that i will be stopping over next time just for that. Great treat throughout the summer.

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Phad Thai

bananatree 1
Roasted Duck Breast with Pei Pa Hoisin Sauce

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Balinese ‘Pulut Hitam’ Pudding

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Viet Cafe Noung

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Premium Ice Cream

Banana Tree, 103 Wardour Street, Soho, London, W1F 0UQ

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